Anonymous: ugh just leave tumblr lol no one really noticed you werent here you its fine :/ your blog's been kinda boring lately anyway...

Well obv it’s been boring I haven’t been online in 3 months haha but don’t worry I’m not gonna come back I just popped in for a day to say hello :)


@Calum5SOS: Happy to say that I play in my favourite band :-)

Anonymous: do u still like niall tho thats the real question

well obviously!!!!!! he’ll always be #1

Anonymous: how long were you gone??

like 3 months i think? feels a lot longer.

@Luke5SOS It’s my day off, I can wear jeans and flip flops if I want

Anonymous: you weren't gone that long, when i took a break i left for 5 months oops

it feels like i’ve been gone a lot longer than i really have!

hi who remembers me :)))